TryHackMe Journey

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Offensive Pentesting Learning path.

What a journey. Time scale – 47 hours, Ha! took me just under 3 months, fitting it around work, personal study and family life.

The pathway and how TryHackMe lay their learning out is always top class. With this you where eased in with Active Reconnaissance, Vulnerability Scanning, and Web Application attacks. The 1st deploy and hack was into a windows machine using the world famous vulnerability ‘Eternal Blue’. This was exciting as I have heard so much about this from the brilliant podcast Darknet Diaries‘.

I then moved on to Advanced Exploitation – which was a deep dive into Vulnerability Scanning, Handling Public Exploits, Password Cracking, Metasploit Framework and Port Redirection.

Next was Buffer Overflow Exploitation – I have to admit I struggled with this section which included, Windows Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities, Basic Exploit Development and Exploitation of Services Vulnerable to Buffer Overflow. I have to give a shout out to my friend John Hammond (Subscribe to his YouTube channel), he is one of the best out there for cybersecurity video walk through and all info cybersecurity. When you are banging your head of a brick wall he is always there with his expertise.

Finally the last section was Active Directory – which covered, Active Directory Basics, Attacking Kerberos, Exploiting a Domain Controller and Post Exploitation tasks. You were also given 4 extra rooms and one of them was the brilliantly created Mr Robot CTF. Being a fan of the show, when you start up this room to find the 3 hidden keys it looks and feels so real, you actually think you are Elliot Alderson for that time you rooting the machine.

Great time to finish this as again TryHackMe have come up trumps again with the release of JR Penetration Tester which looks awesome and of course, I couldn’t resist and start it.

Finally I am only 213 points away from level 11 MASTER, sounds cool, yes it is. I have found the key to these or any other cyber security platform learning is consistent practice. Put aside 30-60 mins a day or every other day and work your way though these great learning platforms. Life Long Learning.

Small steps – “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

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